Austin. Two.

Dear L.A., Stasis Equals Death.

The perks of Portland, Oregon

Portland is a safe bet since we have one or two friends, a roommate, more resources to turn to if we get in trouble. Los Angeles is a mystery. It’s also much easier to find an apartment in Oregon – go figure. On the opposite hand, our careers will eventually take us to Los Angeles – whether we want them to or not.

I feel a Pocahontas song incoming.


Ladies and Gentleman of the Jury…

… Sometimes we’re pretty fucking stupid. I won’t go into detail, because that is not what this blog is about. All I’ll say is that the more we go through our lives, the more I realize we’re our biggest enemies. I’ve been carving out more time to write and Armond has been pretty good about consistently drawing. I’ve done more writing in the last year than I’ve done most of my life. I don’t want to stop, but life is pretty determined to throw new obstacles our way.

I’ve been holding on to a failure for too long. Last year, Pilar offered a contest for people who could create the best script log lines. I spent hours writing and redefining the main thesis of my (never produced) web series: The Trigger.

FullSizeRender 4

It didn’t end well. In fact, I was in the bottom ten out of 45. It should’ve been good feedback, but instead I remember screaming in frustration that I’m not ready. That embarrassing cry that reveals all your flaws in a single, notable moment. Somehow I have to find my courage again.

This time without going into hiding from my problems.

How’s Aphotic Night coming along?

I am working on the first final draft. My deadline is June 1st, so whoever you are, make sure to stay tuned and hold me accountable! Armond’s been working on some beautiful pieces, but he’s still finding his confidence. He doesn’t want to be rejected, but I love his work and I know others will too. Overall, we’re making steady progress and we’re only moving forward.

Make any progress moving to Portland?

About that… no. Eric knows the city better than we do an has an idea of the kind of place he wants in particular. We’re in agreement for the most part except when it comes to the style of the place. He wants a house. Lot’s of room and a fraction of the cost. We want an apartment, because of our cat (just turned 1 year!) if he escapes outside, I’ll never forgive myself. We’ll know the right place when we find it.